Adware Blocker

What is an Adware Blocker?

An Adware Blocker is a legitimate program designed to detect and block annoying pop ups, advertisements and Adware. They can be designed for your desktop or for your browser.

As well as adware blocking software, you can find software specifically designed to search for and remove adware, similarly to how Anti-Spyware solutions work! Programs like pre-mentioned are adware removers or adware cleaners. Adware blockers, removers and cleaners all have the same aim – they just operate in different ways in order to meet their aim!

In order to block adware, the software uses blacklists (malicious adware) and whitelists (non-intrusive adware) to determine what advertisements are safe and which are not.

Despite this, the user can set adware blockers to remove all types of advertising! Although not good for business, this is a very useful solution that allows users to surf online ad-free!