Anti-Rootkit Software

What is Anti-Rootkit Software?

An Anti-Rootkit program is designed to detect Rootkits. If a threat, the anti-rootkit software will give the user options and advice on what should be done and how to remove it.

Methods of detection can vary in anti-rootkit scanners – some might show both legitimate and illegitimate Rootkits, whilst others might only search for known malicious Rootkits.

By using an anti-rootkit, you can remove problems that might be causing malware to reappear after removal. You should only remove a Rootkit if you are 100% certain it is malicious and that it is the only option you have. ALWAYS make sure you have an available backup in the case of data loss or damage! Also, make sure that all of your personal wants and needs are out of the computer and safely backed up online or on a hard drive before removal!

It is recommended that you scan with an Anti-Spyware product and Antivirus product to find and remove anything malicious that might return after the successful removal of a Rootkit! This will prevent further damage to your computer system, prevent a Rootkit from returning and prevent a Backdoor allowing further malware to infect your computer!

Rootkits are very dangerous to tackle, so don’t be too alarmed if your anti-rootkit can’t fix the problem or advises otherwise!