Antivirus Software

What is Antivirus Software?

An Antivirus is a legitimate program designed to protect your computer from several types of malware, including Computer Viruses, Trojan Horses and Worms, by detecting malicious software, suspicious behaviour and unknown software.

An antivirus uses several methods to detect malware and keep your computer safe, such as real-time port scanning, signature scanning and internet protection, whilst offering scanning methods to detect existing malware that might be active on your computer. In order to do this, the solution compares and searches for known malware and malicious behaviour that the company have identified as a threat.

Antivirus software also uses heuristic scanning (behaviour check and malicious code scan) along with a whitelist (safe software) and a blacklist (malware) to determine whether a system is infected.

There are many security companies that offer antivirus protection; you can buy specialised, award-winning antivirus software in-store or online, or try out FREE antivirus solutions available online!

(Please note that protection methods may differ in some antivirus software).