HIPS – Host Intrusion Prevention System

What is Host Intrusion Prevention System Software?

A Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS – Or simply IPS) can monitor a computer network in order to detect malicious activity that could allow hackers to gain illegal access to your computer. If any activity is found, the software logs information about the intrusion and alerts the user asking whether to allow or block the suspected malicious activity.

Usually, a HIPS is a very thorough network scanner and can produce a lot of false-positives (it can suspect legitimate software as malicious by accident). Despite this, a HIPS is an excellent method of protection against hackers that might try to gain access to your system or place malicious coding or software into your computer.

HIP software is sometimes available with an Antivirus that offers full protection in the form of an Internet Security Suite.

If you see yourself as a computer expert, can handle constant alerts and want a bit of personalised security, HIPS software is an excellent option for you!