Process Scanners

What is a Process Scanner?

Process Scanners are legitimate programs designed to work similar to the “processes” tab on Task Manager, only they usually show more information about each process, such as where they are, whether they are verified and sometimes whether they are malicious or not.

Commonly, process scanners are just replacements for the computers task manager and do not include a malware rating. However, some security specialist companies or expert individuals have released available malware detection process scanners which check online or “in-the-cloud” to determine whether a process belongs to a malicious program.

Some Antivirus or Anti-Spyware products include process scanners, whilst some companies release their process scanner as a lone product. Often, a process scanner will be free to use. Some process scanners can remove malicious processes automatically and prevent them from running again until the next reboot.

Process Scanners can be vital programs for the removal of malicious programs! Just make sure you don’t kill a process important to the computer… you’ll know about it if you do!