Why you should Backup...

Before you do anything advised on this website, you need to have a backup plan!

Backing up your computer settings, files and information is vital! Not just for dealing with malware, but in general!

As an example scenario, let’s say your computer is filled with personal pictures including some of the best moments with you and your friends and family. They are the memories you have carried along  with you throughout your life and they mean the world to you!

You don’t have them backed up online or via an external drive of any kind but you don’t see much of this as a problem…

One day your computer starts to slow down dramatically and you don’t understand why. You check for anything suspicious that might be causing this but find nothing! You check everywhere and you decide that you should probably remove some of the files you don’t need any more.

So you delete the junk files, empty the recycle bin, you restart your computer… but where are your pictures? Gone! Accidental deletion! All of your memories deleted just like that!

Mistakes like this happen all the time, and sometimes it’s very difficult to recover your lost files and information.

Sometimes, data loss can be a lot more serious than just pictures… Bank information such as your pin or password, important times and dates, files containing very important information – would you risk losing it as easy as that?

by backing up your computer settings and personal files, you are able to protect your personal files from accidental deletion or corruption.

It is strongly advised that you backup your personal information and create a backup disk/image for your computer in case of data loss during the removal process of malware or the uninstalling of legitimate software.

Online Backup websites: – ADrive (Free including 30 day free trial + Extra online storage available if you buy!) – IDrive (5GB of storage free!) – SpiderOak (Free backup plus extra storage if referred to a friend!) – MiMedia (Free Backup + Online Music, Video Player, File Sharing and more!) – Cyphertite (8GB of storage free + online support if you buy!)

If you have lost files and information that have been accidentally deleted or misplaced, you can try to recover your files with these solutions:

System Restore: Restore your computer to an earlier date. You can find it as a system tool in your computer.

Other Software: – Recuva (A free file recovery software) – Pandora File Recovery (A free, portable file recovery software)

(Please note that I do not own the rights to any of the pre-mentioned websites or software. I am neither the creator or owner of any of the specified websites or software).