What is a Keylogger?

Keystroke logging can be either legitimate or illegitimate.

The legitimate kind is needed by your computer in order to monitor the keystrokes of your keyboard so that it can be viewed on your screen and stored by your computer.

Illegitimate keyloggers are programs used to secretly monitor keystrokes and send recordings to hackers that may wish to use these keystrokes for personal use, theft or identity theft.

Although not harmful to your computer, malicious keystroke loggers record each key you press and send them as a report so that hackers can easily learn passwords, usernames, bank/credit details and other personal information.

Keyloggers are technically a form of Spyware, as they allow hackers to monitor and collect information.

Using an on-screen keyboard software can render many keyloggers useless (unless the software includes screen logging – monitoring of on-screen actions).

If you believe you have a malicious keylogger in your system, you can assume you have more dangers to face than that…